Digital marketing is getting tougher with each passing day…

How many of you actually believe that this statement is true and to what extent?

Well, there is no doubt that the way we take the Digital marketing years back has come up with a huge revolution after Google introduced numerous quality updates in the form of Google Algorithms. But with these updates, many of the digital markets give birth to numerous false beliefs associated with SEO or Online Marketing. So, here are 7 Digital marketing myths supplemented with their reality.

Let’s go.

1. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is dead:

Now, this is the biggest myth that has ever survived in the digital industry. You will even find people relying on this myth. A professional Digital Marketing Agency better knows how to optimize a new/old website and grow its online visibility.

Soon after the Penguin and Panda updates were released that affected websites with low-quality content and spam backlinks, it was predicted that SEO has no more existence in the digital industry anymore.

REALITY: Till the era of the internet exists, the SEO will continue to live. With the passage of time, only the way we implement SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has changed and had become tougher than earlier. But even today, SEO do show positive results.

2. Make a Website & It will Grow Automatically:

People are there who still think that for a new build website, there is no need to do OnPage & OffPage SEO. Instead, they think that a web development service is the only requirement that they need.

But, what about the online presence?

Well, with the website development, you are now capable to compete on the digital platform, but it’s important to diagnose who you can compete with the already ranking websites on the Internet. Here you need the expertise of SEO skills.

REALITY: It’s just a tale which goes viral among some of the newbie professionals on the Internet. Actually, after getting a professionally build a website, you need to acknowledge 200+ Google ranking points which will really help to promote the website visibility in the Search results and grow your organic traffic.

3. Building Backlinks are Worthless now:

People are also sharing a myth that after Google become strict against the spam links, its worthless to invest money on building links for your website. And this is the reason, people are opting other marketing tactics to grow their website traffic.

There were days when bulk link building was trend and effective too, but today, the entire concept has changed.

REALITY: The backlinks are still a valuable asset to grow your website and build its trust. But the way links were created earlier has changed a lot. Today, you need to focus on earning quality links and avoid bulk link building, which is nothing more than worthless spam efforts. Because of this changing concept, Moz has updated its Beginners Guide to Link Building. (

4. Quantity over Quality:

When it comes to the digital aspect of any website, people are still leaned towards building a number of links, without getting adequate quality. There are numerous SEO Service providers in the market, which claims to offer backlinks in bulk for your website.

Such SEO Plans are not any more beneficial for your business.

REALITY: To fight the battle for quantity, Google was forced to introduce the Penguin update which penalizes the website for building low-quality (spam) backlinks. The reality is that whether you are working on earning links or building content, the quality plays a vital and incomparable role in digital marketing.

5. Digital Marketing is Very Expensive:

Money always plays a big role in promoting or demoting your online business. There are different types of marketing tactics starting from the traditional format to promote your business. But those who think Digital Marketing Services are very expensive to take, are still living in the old era.

There are other tactics like Advertisements, Hoardings, which are short term marketing options, still, require a huge investment in one go. Even, the results are not future-oriented, instead, they are short term.

REALITY: In comparison to other marketing tactics, you will find that Digital Marketing services require the least investment but deliver long term results. Once your website gets a stable position in the search results through SEO, you will continue to get long term results but doesn’t require heavy investment in SEO.

6. Social Media is just for Personal Use:

 Social media is nothing but a platform to connect with others on the online platform. Many of the newbie marketed avoid using social media for their brand promotion. This is another big myth that some of the professionals think.

Social media has evolved as a big platform where brands are showing their presence and taking it as a branding tool to enhance their social reach and increase the conversion rate.

REALITY: Social media is being used to create a Business account and connect with your customers. The brands that sell online products are also getting a reasonable conversion rate through the use of social media.

7. Not every Industry is Suitable for Digital Marketing:

Many people still think that digital marketing is restricted to a limited business niche only. And because of this, it is not used by many of the businesses. Some of you think that business like a metallurgy business; chemical business, etc are not suitable to get digital marketing services.

But the reality is something else.

REALITY: Digital marketing is simply the tactics that grow your online presence and can transform it into a successful online business. Digital Marketing is effective for every business which is having an online presence. In short, online marketing is for you, regardless of your business niche.

So, what’s your perception about this?

Comment below more myths that people still believe in the digital era.

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